Nissan A-Series / FJ20 Crank Angle Sensor

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Direct fit CAS to suit Nissan / Datsun A-Series and Nissan FJ20 engines.

Cast aluminium body, billet aluminium cap. High speed ZF Hall Effect sensor, 24-1 tooth trigger wheel. Trigger pattern allows EFI engines to run full sequential.

All units are finished with a black anodised cap.

A-Series : As pictured installed onto an A-series engine. It includes 2 mounting plates which allow fitment to A12/A14/A15 motors. Can be spec'd as a single tooth only. Includes drive gear.

FJ20 - Includes a mounting plate to allow installation to FJ20 engine. Can be spec'd as a single tooth only.
Does not include drive gear. An OEM Nissan drive gear needs to be installed.

All kits include DTM connector & sensor boot.

** Note : FJ20 option does not include a drive gear**